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welcome to BB ACADEMY


Are you passionate about brows but feel lost in the vast world of brow education?

Do you crave detailed training that empowers you to master the art of brows from start to finish?

Are you seeking guidance to navigate the complexities of the brow industry and establish yourself as a confident and skilled brow artist?

What if you could earn a full-time income with the freedom to choose your own hours, work towards your dreams and passions and build a career you love and enjoy…

BB Academy Trainer and model

It's frustrating when you're passionate about something, but the resources available just don't seem to cut it.


You want to dive deep into the world of brow artistry, but you're overwhelmed by the lack of comprehensive training tailored to your needs.


You know that to stand out in the industry, you need more than basic knowledge—you need expertise, support, and guidance every step of the way.

Enter BB Academy.

Just imagine if you could…

  • Learn everything you need, to not only build your skillset to expert level, but to put it to use building a fulfilling career around your passion and interests - on your terms!

  • Access your education and support for LIFE - review, re-read, re-play and ask questions as many times as you need to.

  • Not only join, but THRIVE in a highly-rewarding industry


The global brow industry is a BOOMING multi-billion-dollar industry.


At BB Academy, we're the trailblazers of this abundant industry, offering online training programs that are pure magic for passionate brow artists looking to master the art of brows.

Cassandra embarked on this journey after realizing that the world of brow education was still missing something, especially for true beginners.

Our mission?

To flip the script and transform you into a brow whiz! We've jampacked everything into our courses to make sure you get all the knowledge, tools, and support you need. Think of us as your dedicated brow squad, guiding you through every twist and turn of this exciting adventure.


Because knowledge isn't just power; it's the secret for achieving brow greatness.

Our programs are more than just courses; they're the catalysts set to shake up the brow industry.


Our Aim?

To not only nurture artists but to cultivate future industry leaders. So, buckle up and prepare to dive deep into a wealth of knowledge, armed with the finest tools, as we propel your brow skills to new heights!


Cassandra - BB Academy Trainer
Cassandra - BB Academy Trainer

Cassandra Veljanovski
Blush & Brow Beauty
Founder & CEO

Hey there!

I'm Cass, a spirited individual with an early love affair for the captivating world of beauty.

Throughout my life, creativity has been my guiding light, finding expression in various forms.


While initially exploring the realm of makeup artistry, it wasn't until my first foray into brow treatments that I discovered my true calling—a moment of undeniable clarity where everything clicked into place.

The transformative power of brows struck a chord deep within me, illuminating their pivotal role in shaping someone's appearance and the subtle nuances of human expression.


I was captivated by their influence and how they shaped our perception of ourselves and others.

This awakening ignited a relentless pursuit of excellence, driving me to pursue over 20+ (and counting!) brow programs and trainings.


With each new skill acquired, my vision crystallized.

To simplify the training process and empower others to follow their passion with more ease.

Thus, my journey led me to establish my own training academy—a sanctuary where knowledge, tools, and skills converge without barriers.

My mission is clear: to foster a community of empowered brow artists, armed with the confidence and expertise to conquer any challenge thrown at them.


I believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of continuous learning—a belief I'm eager to share with you.

So, join me in embracing your passion, unleashing your creativity, and making your mark in the vibrant world of brow artistry. Welcome to the family!


With love,

Cassandra xx

BB Academy model


and enjoy a little welcome gift on me!


Blush & Brow Beauty brow models

The Brow Blueprint

Mapping x Waxing x Shaping

Immerse yourself in the intricate details of utilizing waxing, tweezing, and trimming techniques to craft and define brows that are nothing short of amazing. 

Blush & Brow Beauty brow models


Blush & Brow Beauty brow models


Blush & Brow Beauty brow models




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