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Cassandra - Brow Educator and Brow Specialist, Australia


Hey there!

I'm Cassandra Veljanovski, the founder, dreamer, brow addict, and proud dog mama behind Blush & Brow Beauty. You'll often catch me jamming out to the 90's/00's playlist playing in the studio while I work my magic.

Ever since I can remember, I've been captivated by the world of beauty.

I always found joy in expressing my creativity and boosting confidence along the way.

My journey officially began at 18 when I embarked on a career as a makeup artist. But it was my own struggle with sparse eyebrows that ignited a deeper passion within me.


I recognized the transformative power of a killer set of brows and I dedicated myself to mastering the art of bespoke brow experiences.

In 2020, amid the challenges of a global pandemic, I seized the opportunity to delve into Ombre Brow Tattooing.

Armed with six cosmetic tattoo certifications, four of which specialize in Ombre Brows, and ten brow styling certifications, I set out to redefine brow artistry.

Having performed over 3000+ brow treatments and tattoos, I'm now on a mission to share my expertise with aspiring brow artists worldwide.


Through my comprehensive online brow training programs, my goal is to elevate, educate and empower the next generation of brow masters.

At Blush & Brow Beauty, I believe in the uniqueness of every pair of brows.

That's why I tailor each service to enhance my clients' natural features, ensuring the most flattering results every time.


For me, beauty services are more than just transactions—they're transformative experiences rooted in self-care and empowerment.

I take immense joy in helping my clients achieve their beauty goals.

And I'm equally passionate about supporting fellow brow artists in their journey towards success and fulfillment.

So, whether you're here to discover your perfect brow transformation or master the art of brows,

I'm thrilled to welcome you to the fold.

Brow Educator and Brow Specialist - Blush and Brow Beauty, Port Kembla, NSW


Unhinged dog mum. November Scorpio. Balkan roots. Family-oriented. Foodie. Wanderlust. Bookworm. Teenage Sweetheart. Extroverted Introvert. Cooking for the people I love. Resting B*tch Face. One alarm in the morning. Boundaries. Perpetual learning. Not wearing contacts.

Brow Educator and Brow Specialist - Blush and Brow Beauty, Port Kembla, NSW


Deep chats. The sand between my toes. Disney. A cheeky cocktail. Carbs. Sunshine. Sleep-ins. Work-life balance. Scalding hot showers. Romance reads. Collecting passport stamps. Episode binge over movies. Comfort. Full-cream cappuccino but make it iced on a hot day. Dogs. Quality time. Creative outlets. SPF. Mental health. Pepsi Max. Trying new eateries. Sunsets.



Time-wasters. Disingenuity. Aperol spritzes. Your shitty ex you told me about in your appointment. Imitators. Small talk. Greed. Not using your indicators. Meetings that could have been an email. People who are always late.



Be the change you seek. Love hard. Dream bold. Forge paths of compassion and understanding. Edit and adjust your environment as you see fit. Seek experiences. Keep your inner child alive and thriving. The art of noticing. Leave the world better than you found it. Don't take sh*t. Romanticize life. Take the photos, record the moments. Fika.

Personalized 1-on-1 service tailored to your unique needs.

Curated with premium products for unparalleled quality.

Prioritizing hygiene, health, and safety for your peace of mind.

Continuous upskilling and knowledge building to ensure excellence and innovation.

Experience the BB Touch

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